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Appalachian Technology is a diverse company offering many services to the manufacturing

and hospitality sectors.

We offer Electronic and Electro-mechanical manufacturing services to customers specializing in a wide variety of industries, such as musical equipment, military equipment, laboratory equipment, industrial controls, and medical and dental equipment.


Appalachian Technology offers an extensive line of hotel security systems and products which include:


  • • Proximity and Magnetic Stripe Locks
  • • Energy Management Controls
  • • Electronic Safes
  • • Elevator Control Systems
  • • Window Based Software
  • • Access Control Devices
  • • 24 Hours Customer Service
  • • Extensive Inventory of Spare Parts
  • • Same Day Shipping

Our wide variety of products are available for hotels/motels, businesses and institutional security.

The software is windows based, easy to use and can be maintained by remotely located technicians. In order to reduce the time and costs associated with installing a new system, we use standard protocols that are easily interfaced with many property management systems and other third party software programs.
We provide 24 hour customer service and maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts for same day shipment.


Appalachian Technology specializes in printed circuit board assemblies (PCB) and serves the electronic assembly needs of a broad spectrum of customers.

A complete range of component placement machines, soldering equipment, and specialized assembly tools provides efficient production of simple to large, complex, functional circuit assemblies.


Appalachian Technology is a Distributor for Appalachian Mattress Encasements.

We offer an economical solution for your Bed Bug problems. Our mattress encasements are made of a high quality Polypropylene material ensuring protection against Bed Bugs, dust mites, and unwanted stains. Protect your investment with Appalachian Mattress Encasements.


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