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Electronic Locks

Our full line of electronic locks include RFID (Radio Frequency ID) and magnetic stripe technology. Locks are available in Satin Brass and Stainless Steel finishes with ADA compliant lever handles & standard key override.

3 Year Lock Warranty




Appalachian Technology in partnership with Be-Tech Locks is the exclusive North American representative with manufacturing and service centers in China and the US. Appalachian Tech offers quality electronic locks at an affordable price.

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Lock Features

  • • 3 Year Warranty
  • • RFID (Proximity) Technology
  • • Stores over 450 entry transactions.
  • • Standard Key override
  • • Suite Keying & Meeting room functions
  • • Sealed housing protects electronics from  moisture or tampering
  • • Operates on 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • • ADA Compliant lever design
  • • High quality Stainless Steel Structure perfect for harsh exterior environments
  • • Exterior battery compartment makes it easy to change batteries without disturbing guest
  • • Chrome-plated with satin brass and  brushed stainless steel finishes  available
  • • Window Based Software
  • • Insertion Free Technology eliminates guest confusions simply pass the card need near the lock.
  • • Large Inventory of Key Cards, Replacement parts and batteries


Room Safe Features

  • • Programmable access code
  • • IB key or touchpad entry
  • • Illuminated interior
  • • Ability to secure and charge electronic devices
  • • Override if a guest forgets their pass code
  • • Backup master key


3001 D and G Series Safes


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Aztec 1000 Series

Aztec 1000 Series

Magstripe Electronic Lock

Nordic 2100 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 2100 Series

Magstripe Electronic Lock

Nordic 3100 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 3100 Series

RFID Electronic Lock

Nordic 5100 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 5100 Series

RFID Electronic Lock

Nordic 6100 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 6100 Series

RFID Electronic Lock

Aztec 7000 Series Hotel Locks

Aztec 7000 Series

RFID Electronic Lock

Nordic 4100 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 4100 Series

RFID Electronic Lock

Nordic 4101 Series Hotel Locks

Nordic 4101 Series

Magstripe Electronic Lock